8 Library Services which cost almost nothing …

8 Library Services which cost almost nothing

  1. Display ranking lists of most used text books, and/or books which help most passing exams
  2. Just before exams / thesis deadlines: Open the library 24 hours, provide experts for support in areas such as scientific writing, literature searching and management, statistics, etc pp
  3. Lend out recent gadgets such as iPads and Apple watches sponsored by vendors
  4. Organize a used book sale with anybody as a seller or buyer
  5. Organize a table tennis tournament in the library
  6. Play escape games with the students or the library version of „Bucket of doom“ :-))
  7. Provide an weekly email newsletter / facebook page with interesting news
  8. Welcome each user with a smile

8 Library Services to start with today

  1. Go from user to user, masked with a red nose, gifting flyers and flowers 🙂
  2. Make an exhibition of your users favorite learning environment
  3. Make an inquiry about the students needs
  4. Offer a free plagiarism check
  5. Organize an „Appathon“, where users can share their best Apps
  6. Provide a glass with sweets at the lending desk
  7. Provide snack & coffee lectures at lunch time, bake cakes
  8. Recommend (and provide!) apps which are especially useful for learning

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