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How many weblogs do you need to write?

In his post Trying To Be Complete, T.Scott Plutchak discusses the private versus official aspect of an weblog. He suggest to be more complete someone should blog everything from intimate to personal to job experiences into one single site.

The challenge, with all of these audiences, is to not let myself be stifled in what I have to say. There’s a simple rule of thumb — can I stand behind every word I write, no matter who might come across it? I’m no longer looking for „balance“ because that still seems to imply managing two poles. I don’t have a „personal“ or „professional“ side. I strive to be complete.

Puuh, that’s really tough. Jane Blumenthal argues to keep official and personal live more seperated. Readers don’t know what to expect from your writing, if you mix-up things. And she is comfortable with the split personality of her blog(s). Maybe I’m a split personality too because I need three blogs at least for keeping all my stuff…

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Nicht, dass ich denke, irgendeiner würde sich für meine Elaborate so dermassen interessieren, aber … 🙂 There is a possibility to even subscribe to the newest articles written by me. Point your browser to and enter
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Let’s start!

Na, dann will ich mal den Blog füllen, wo ich doch heute* den Biostudenten im 5. Semester versprochen habe, dass sie unter alles zum Berufsbild „Bibliothekar“ bzw. „Fachreferent“ bzw. „Bibliotheksmanager“ finden können.

* Anläßlich der Münsteraner Pflichtveranstaltung „Berufsbild und Berufsperspektiven“

Well, then I want to fill times the Blog, where today* I promised the bio students in 5. Term that they can find under everything to the career profile librarian“ and/or „specialized technical“ and/or „library manager“. *On the occasion of the Münsteraner obligation meeting „career profile and job prospects“